Every Day with the Psalms

When I graduated from high school, my pastor gave me the book “Every Day with the Psalms” as a graduation gift. I appreciated the thought, but it was an unassuming book. I was not very interested in the content so on the shelf it went with the other books. Don’t get me wrong, It wasn’t that I disliked it. I just had more important things on my mind at the time

Sometime later, I began to realize that my life wasn’t where it should be.  I began looking for ways to correct what I knew to be wrong. Pastor Carney was a man I respected and one of the few to have made a significant impact in my life. I remembered that he had given me this book and I went looking for it. Sadly, after multiple moves, it had been relegated to the world of storage boxes. It took me some time, but I eventually found it and began using it regularly.

Fast forward a few years. I was serving an apprenticeship and I was ready to work my first book completely through.  I knew just the one. One book  had served me well. It had waited patiently for me to begin reading it and to help me begin a bible study in an orderly and useful manner. It was now showing the signs that all well used books eventually show—bent corners, broken hinges, and scuff marks.

Handcrafted Care

I carefully began the process of striping it down to the text block. Ever so gently, I pried the broken casing off. I gingerly scraped the spine down to the bare paper and stitching. I tenderly worked the new leather casing that would coddle those precious pages, tooling the banding, each golden stamp, a reminder of the days spent reading this book. Each time I handled it, memories of the scriptures it had brought to mind in the context of those days of study came back and I was reminded of the greatness of God.

The book now stands in my home on the shelf with other fine leather bound books. The cover that I worked so hard on has it’s own character marks now as the rebinding of the book made me desire to read it again. That’s the thing about books. You can make them look pretty and pristine, but if they don’t show the wear of everyday use what good are they? It’s not used so much these days, but it holds a place of honor for the service it gave at a time when it was sorely needed. Oh that I would be such a tool wielded by God’s hand when the time is right for others.

No longer in print

A quick search on Google revealed only four links on the entire Internet at the time I wrote this column. I will occasionally post excerpts from this wonderful book on this website. May you receive God’s blessing from it as I have.

“Every Day with the Psalms”, Mendell Taylor, 1972, Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri.

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