About Us

The Treasured Book is passionate about preserving fine books, particularly the words of Elohim and scriptures inspired by Him. We believe the “Good Book” is as valuable for daily strength and nourishment of our souls as food is for nourishing our bodies. Furthermore, the Bible tells us of our Creator’s plan, including the reality of prophetic promises fulfilled through Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), to lead those who would receive Him to repentant redemption, and it provides instructions for abundant living in honor and obedience to Adonai as well as in harmony with others. A book of this vital import should be read daily and constructed so that it endures. The books we bind are.

The Treasured Book family applies its combined 32 years of leather bookbinding experience to build enduring bindings of distinctive beauty. Our bookbinding techniques are engineered to be of the highest technical quality to give bibles and books long-lasting durability and strength. Beyond the book’s binding foundation, we offer functional and many artistic, aesthetic options ranging from varied styles of covers and types of leathers and fonts to decorative trim and art element impressions as well as colored ribbons, snaps, and more, all which result in an artisan customized book or bible, personalized to your specifications.

As in biblical times when families of multiple generations worked together, the same is true of our Treasured Book family– Ephraim (the husband/father), Margaret (his wife), and our two adult sons. Together we provide services that range from leather bible and book rebinding to producing custom leather journals and covers using various leathers from the standard top-grain cowhide to top quality, imported, book goatskin, custom dyed leathers, and exotics. With backgrounds in engineering, communications, and ministry as well as being life-long bible students and passionate about learning and books, this business suits Ephraim and Hannah and our family well. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with our hand-crafted leather bindings and book products that are built to last.