Cover Options

We can rebind your book in several different ways. The normal covers come in a variety of stiffness options: hard, medium, soft, and ultrasoft. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we give you a choice.

All of our covers are properly measured and cut so that when you open the Bible/book, the cover does not drag other pages with it, nor does the weight of the pages pull on the cover to close it. We believe that no matter what cover option you choose, you will love it.



This is the type of binding you would choose if you intend to shelve your Bible/book in an upright position when you are not using it. A hardback binding keeps the pages together when the book is set upright, and it gives the book support. Most reference books are bound in this style, and as long as the book’s contents are stamped on the spine it makes for a very efficient storage system. Most libraries use this sort of binding when they rebind their periodicals and newspapers into book form. Other than paperbacks, most books are bound with this style of binding.

While it does provide excellent support for a book while it is in storage, you will notice that the larger books will tend to sag due to the weight of the pages. This may pull the spine out near the top, but since most hardbound books have very little overhang of the cover compared to the text, you won’t notice too much problem. Hardbound books do not like to lean in bookshelves and you will notice deformation of the spine that hurts the appearance and sometimes the performance of books if they are not properly supported in a bookshelf.

Hardbound books are not as durable under severe and constant use. If you carry the book around with you a lot, you will probably be happier with a soft binding choice.


There are three basic styles of softback binding that we use on Bibles and books. All of them are high performance bindings that will give years of service with little to no wear when properly treated. Additionally, all of these soft binding are superior to hardback bindings on books that are used frequently (like a Bible). They tend to lay flat when opened, easily keeping your page visible, and they feel comfortable in your hand. A softbound book will easily outlast a hardbound book when seeing the same kind of usage.

There are a few things that you have to be careful of though when considering their treatment. Every book we rebind is returned with a care sheet that gives you some tips on taking care of the cover and the book to make it last as long as possible.

Medium Stiffness


As much as it makes us cringe, we are fully aware that many people stuff their church flyers in their Bibles. The soft bindings have a tendency to dump these papers out on the floor when you hold the book open with the spine in your hand (as you would a Bible when reading from it). The medium stiffness cover gives you the best of both worlds, if you are a “stuffer”. It will give you the flexibility of a softback binding, yet will give the cover enough support that you don’t spend the next few minutes picking your papers up off the floor.



The soft cover will drape over your hand, hugging the contours and making it seem like the Bible or book is glued to your hand. Those who like to walk around when they teach or preach will appreciate how the book becomes part of your hand while you move around. The soft cover allows the book to remain comfortably open in your hand or on the table and gives an exceptional wear characteristic. This is the most popular type of cover we provide for new and rebound Bibles.

Ultra Soft

Ultra Soft

This ultra soft cover is so flexible that you can literally wrap it around itself repeatedly with absolutely no problems or damage to the Bible. Those who tend to be the hardest on their Bibles really like this cover because it feels good in your hand and wears like iron. Your Bible is well protected and stays right where you put it.

The drawback to this binding is that you will never really be able to place any extra papers, such as church flyers, in the book. As soon as you open it and lay it on your hand, it will dump your papers all over the ground. This is Ephraim’s favorite binding. Note that the lining on this cover is also leather, and therefore it does increase the cost of the binding slightly.