Top Grain Cowhide

Our basic leathers are all quality, top grain cowhide. This leather has been mineral tanned and retains a relatively soft, supple feel while being able to wear like iron. Covers created from this leather will remain soft throughout their lifetime, yet still provide excellent protection for the valuable contents contained within. Some of the leathers have a hard enough finish that they will maintain a somewhat water-resistant surface, meaning that the occasional liquid spill or coffee ring will not stain them and they are easy to clean. Some of the leathers have a softer finish that just feels much nicer in the hand, but will be easily stained with liquids and will show age.

Pick the color of leather that you like with the surface finish that you prefer. Be sure to check back often as these leathers are sourced locally and the leathers available will change often. When we are out of one of these leathers, we may not be able to replace it with another exactly like it.

Available Colors: